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Protection Dogs (Service Dogs)

Service DogsService dogs are staying protection dogs.

The protection function has been the most important task of a service dog for the last centuries worldwide. The police officer's life and healthy will be worthy to protect today and in future. This will be true also in coming times. That’s why it's very essentially to give a well-founded basic training in protection services to all service dogs.

The optimal service dog will learn in basic training:

  • To protect the healthy and the life of the police officer
  • To avoid any attacks against itself and the K9 handler
  • To find, indicate and surrender hidden criminal suspects
  • To chase and surrender criminal suspects and to avoid any further flight by biting

Premises for Training a Protection Dog

A dog must meet the following basic premises to finish this basic training successfully:

Safe behavior in certain environments
Playing and preying instincts above average: The validation and promotion of the preying instinct stands at the beginning of a protection dog training.
A certain size of aggressive behavior
  • Common fitness and healthy
  • Normal social behavior
  • To be good to handle
  • A minimum size of hardness courage and self-confidence

Structure of Protection Service Training

The development of the young dogs is done by prey working:

The goal of service dog training is a high reliable and controllable service dog!

To achieve this beside the good social behavior, the K9 handler must be able to interpret the nature and instincts of his dog and to channel them in the right direction.

The instinct goal settlement is done by clamping the prey. This generates confidence in protection service assistant and K9 handler:
One of the most important parts of the protection dog training is subordination and communication:
Surrending and barking of the protection service assistant:
Confirming the barking and promoting calm and confidence in assistant and K9 handler:
Biting phase and confirmation next to the assistant:
Phase of guarding is confirmed. It follows the separating phase and further guarding.

The next pictures are showing the structure of prey working with assistant wearing inherent protection suit:

Guarding the assistant wearing inherent protection suit
Confirmation of the guarding phase next to the assistant
Transportation of the assistant
Frontal attacking against the assistant
Confirmation the guarding phase at the leg
Calm and confidence in K9 handler

Structure of Civil Working in Protection Service

Working with the Dog carrying a Muzzle

Putting the Protection Service Work into Reality