Special-Dog-Center Schmidt
Inh. Tino Schmidt

04736 Waldheim (OT Reinsdorf Nr. 93)

Telephone: +49 34327 68500
Mobile:    +49 177 2017997

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Own Dogs

Nr. 1) Nelson

Dog Breed: Malinois

Date of Birth: 19.03.2002

Training Qualifications: Former special operations dog in the Special Operation Forces Saxony (SEK)

  Further information at bloedlijnen.nl

Nr. 2) Badu

Dog Breed: Hollandse Herde

Date of Birth: 02.06.2002

Training Qualifications: KNPV PH I

  Further information at bloedlijnen.nl

Nr. 3) Denzel

Dog Breed: Malinois

Date of Birth: 04.09.2007

Training Qualifications: Explosives detection dog, IPO III (100-92-95), 3rd Place at the 22nd SGSV Regional Championship Saxony, Participation in German Championship of the SGSV

  Further information at bloedlijnen.nl

  Further information at working-dog.eu